Although Australia is a no-fuss nation of meat eaters , as a western nation their diet has diversified and there are lots of products available for those on special diets. 

Supermarkets like Coles all have a health food aisle like we do in the UK.  Most eateries will have a vegetarian option but not all will be hot on gluten-free alternatives, for example.  Best steer clear of American-style diner-pub type establishments.  Saying that, you don’t even have to venture into city centres to find health food shops, cafes and juice bars. 

There's a strong Asian presence in the country and these cuisines have plenty of nutrient-rich foods like steamed rice, pickles and seaweed.  In such an exotic climate, there's an abundance of fruit, vegetables and flavoursome seafood.  Kangaroo's supposed to be better for you too - like beef but a lot more tender. 

Many thanks to Mary for this information.

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